For Sale: 2001 PW50 Motorcycle

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Millersburg Area

I bought this dirt bike for my son about 5 years ago. He rode it for 2 years and then my daughter rode it for the last 3 years. This is the perfect dirt bike for a 4 to 8 year old to learn on. It has front and rear hand brakes and starts up very easily on the first kick. There is only one gear so there is no shifting. It is very easy to operate. My kids never jumped this bike and only used it in the yard or followed me around on my 4-wheeler on a few trail rides. There is a few scratches on it from them laying it over a few times. Everything works great and this bike is ready to ride. There are no oil leaks and both tires are very meaty and also do not leak. I do not have the training wheels but I do have the throttle stop screw that can be used to limit the amount your young rider can twist the throttle.

Bike posted on May 28, 2008