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How Reducing Your Salary Can Improve Company Profitability.

The one thing that every good employee knows is that the fiscal health of the company should come first and foremost. Consider this; by reducing (or even eliminating!) your salary today, you can improve the company's bottom line by as much as 10, 20 and yes, even 100%!

Think about it:

* Do you really need to eat today? And if you do, how much do you need to eat? How often? Three times? Twice? Or, perhaps - not at all? Many societies and cultures will attest to the far-reaching benefits of fasting. You cleanse and lighten your body while simultaneously cleansing and lightening your wallet - great chi, by the way.

* Do you really need to make that mortgage/rent payment? Look at it this way - if you spent more quality time at the office, you wouldn't really need a home, would you? Besides, if you were being honest with yourself, you'd admit that you sleep at your desk anyway.

* Are you happy making that car payment, especially now that you never have to leave the office? How much could you save if you didn't have to pay for insurance, gas, lube jobs, overhauls... you get the picture.

Clearly, the quality of company life would improve if we all took more time to smell the copier toner and spent less time thinking about our own petty needs. Show the boss that you are an employee of great character - insist on giving up your salary today to ensure a better bottom line for your company tomorrow.

Turning those vacations into working holidays!
This year, take that vacation time you've been accruing and do something truly revolutionary - take a working holiday! Start each day with the delicious aroma of auto drip-brewed coffee (courtesy of petty  cash!) while relaxing at your desk with the most cutting edge, up-to-date P&L's. Then, surf the 'net to see what you can do to increase your CEO's salary and benefit package! Gambol gaily through the To Be Filed Pile before spending a few hours lazily luxuriating between the company's spreadsheets. A working vacation may be just the ticket you need for those two wasted weeks that might otherwise be spent on useless, non-profitable excursions.